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Matt Rowling's European Butterflies        

If you wish to see more pictures of butterfly species from Italy and elsewhere, I strongly recommend clicking on the link to this link, which will take you to a superb, comprehensive study of butterflies from all over Europe. 
Guy Padfield's Butterfly Page (Europe)
Another excellent site with some wonderful photos and a very interesting butterfly year list with commentaries describing  some of Guy's butterfly-hunting excursions in both words and photos.
Butterflies of France - Roger Gibbons
Great site with really useful, detailed identification charts and comparative photos of the blues, the fritillaries, the erebia and the pyrgus species. There is also a wonderful ID guide to the Zygaenidae (Burnet) family as well as other pages dedicated to other moths and to flowers (Orchids and non).
The Butterflies of the Monts du Lyonnais (France)  by Timothy Cowles
A further superb site with loads of high quality photos and lots of useful information about each species.
Farfalle Italiane
A fully comprehensive site with multiple photos of all the species found in Italy together with comments to help with identification and distribution maps. Thank you Paolo Palmi.
Butterfly Dreams
A very personal site with fantastic photos of  butterflies from Greece, Spain, the Canary Islands, France, Costa Rica and England along with results of various studies done by the author, Pete Smith.
Fleeting Wonders - Butterflies and Burnets of France - by Philippe Bricaire
Another fantastic site with species-by-species photos of butterflies and burnett moths found in France.
PTK Butterflies by Paul Kipling
A European and Mediterranean perspective of butterflies with lots of great photos accompanied by interesting notes.
Butterfly Images for Art and Identification - a European and Mediterranean Perspective
This is another great site created by Paul Kipling with lots of wonderful photos. 
Schmetterlinge der Schweiz - Butterflies & Moths of Switzerland
A marvellous site with hundreds of high-quality photos of butterflies and moths in Switzerland and other places.
UK Butterflies   
A professional site with excellent pictures of species found in the UK.
Butterflies of Bulgaria - Zdravko Kolev
Designed and created by Zdravko Kolev, owner and author of The butterflies of Bulgaria, this site is a must for any leptidopterist travelling to Bulgaria.
Le Farfalle della Puglia
A very interesting site by Giuseppe Cagnetta with lots of great photos from Puglia, the "heel" of Italy. https://sites.google.com/site/lefarfalledellapuglia/
Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa
A huge site with thousands of photos of butterflies and moths, with well over 150 contributors.

Butterfly Conservation - European Butterflies Group
A European Butterfly Interests group that aims to encourage recording of butterflies and moths in Europe, circulate information, facilitate and set up contacts with local groups. 

European Butterfly Magazine. Issue 4 Spring 2021
A colourful magazine for amateur enthusiasts and experts alike featuring interesting articles about butterflies with loads of great photos.
European Butterfly Magazine. Issue 3 Spring 2020 
Last year's issue.
European Butterfly Magazine. Issue 2 Spring 2019
European Butterfly Magazine. Issue 1 Spring 2018

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