A website with over 3000 photographs of  Italian butterflies taken by the author.Un sito web con pił di 3000 immagini di farfalle italiane fotografate dall'autore. 

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Click on 'Species  List - Scientific' to see the Latin names of the butterflies listed in their family groups in the taxonomic order used by most butterfly guides. By clicking on the name of the species that you want to see, the corresponding page of photographs will open.
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By clicking on the name of the species that you want to see, the corresponding page of photographs will open.
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Click on 'Year Lists' to see list of species seen and identified this year, plus indications of new species pages..
Click on 'Excursion notes' to read accounts of my excursions and see other, higher-resolution photos of butterflies,
other fauna and the places visited.
About the web-site:  I have been fascinated by butterflies since I was a child and having recently acquired  a  digital  camera  I  decided  to  take  up  photographing  these  beautiful  insects. By publishing  my photos on  this website I  hope  to share my hobby with other people who may be interested. 
    Most of the photos are of butterflies found in Trentino in the north of Italy, where I currently live, so the  web-site  should probably  be called  "Butterflies in Trentino"  rather  than "Butterflies in Italy", but I thought that this title would be too restrictive in the long-term. 
    The species included here  are by  no means all the varieties  that can be found locally - I hope to come across many more of the less common ones and add them to  the  site little-by-little. I have had a few  problems in accurately  identifying   some of the species photographed.  If you spot a mistake, please let me know, so I can correct the error.

© All of the content and photos contained in this website are copyright and express permission must be obtained from Robin Fox if you wish to copy or use the images in any way.

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