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Ravna Gora, Croatia. 14.07.2020.
Valmalene, Trentino. 14.08.2016. Four photos of the same butterfly found on a grassy track in the valley at 1,200m asl. (1 and 2 here)
(3 and 4) Valmalene, Trentino. 14.08.2016.
San Giacomo, Trentino. 16.08.13.
At the very top of a mountain! Rifugio Lancia, Trentino. 03.08.13.
Rifugio Lancia, Trentino. 03.08.13.
A female. Sarajevo, Bosnia. 26.07.13.
A male. Sarajevo, Bosnia. 26.07.13.
At last! After sighting 2 adults much earlier in the season, I had a prolonged close encounter with one. A pity about the damaged wing.
These 5 photos were all taken at 1,915 metres a.s.l. on Monte Stivo in Trentino on 23rd August 2011
What a fantastic vantage point to control his territory! 1,915 metres up. Monte Stivo, Trentino.
Monte Stivo, Trentino, 23rd August 2011
Beginning of July 2010, Monte Finonchio, Besenello,Trentino,
Beginning of July 2010, Monte Finonchio, Besenello,Trentino,

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