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YEAR LIST 2015  (including indications of new species)

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25.01.20151Red Admiral. Vanessa atlantaBesenello, Trentino, Italy
16.02.20152Small Tortoiseshell. Aglais urticaePomarolo, Trentino, Italy
20.02.20153Wall Brown, Lasiommata megera Nomi, Trentino, Italy
28.02.20154Large Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis polychlorosPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
10.03.20155Green-veined White, Artogeia napiPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
10.03.20156Brimstone, Gonepterix rhamniPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
10.03.20157Comma, Polygonia c-albumPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
10.03.20158Swallowtail, Papilio machaonPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
11.03.20159Speckled Wood, Pararge aegeriaPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
11.03.201510Clouded Yellow, Colias croceaPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
11.03.201511Nettle-Tree Butterfly, Libythia celtisPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
28.03.201512Holly Blue, Celastrina argiolusPomarolo, Trentino. Italy
28.03.201513Green Hairstreak, Callophrys rubiSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
28.03.201514Orange Tip, Anthocharis cardominesSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
28.03.201515Peacock, Inachis ioSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
28.03.201516Small White, Artogeia rapaeSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
28.03.201517Wood White, Leptidea sinapisSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
02.04.201518Cleopatra, Gonepterix cleopatraTerracina, Lazio, Italy
02.04.201519Small Heath, Coenonympha pamphilusTerracina, Lazio, Italy
07.04.201520Mallow Skipper,  Carcharodus alceaeSonnino, Lazio, Italy
07.04.201521Mountain Small White, ??  Artogeia ergane ??Sonnino, Lazio, Italy
09.04.201522Scarce Swallowtail, Iphiclides podaliriusSarteano, Tuscany, Italy
10.04.201523Dingy Skipper, Erynnis tagesSarteano, Tuscany, Italy
12.04.201524Small Blue, Cupidus minimusNoarna, Trentino, Italy
19.04.201525Short-tailed Blue, Everes argiadesArsiero, Veneto, Italy
22.04.201526Chequered Blue,Scolitantides orionSan Colombano, Trentino, Italy
22.04.201527Common Blue, Polyommatus icarusSan Colombano, Trentino, Italy
22.04.201528Pearl-Bordered Fritillary, Clossiana euphrosyneSan Colombano, Trentino, Italy
22.04.201529Grizzled Skipper, Pyrgus malvaeSan Colombano, Trentino, Italy
22.04.201530Small Copper, Lycaena phlaeasSan Colombano, Trentino, Italy
22.04.201531Brown Argus, Aricia agestisSan Colombano, Trentino, Italy
24.04.201532Queen of Spain Fritillary, Issoria lathoniaServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
24.04.201533Glanville Fritillary, Melitaea cinxiaServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
24.04.201534Berger's Clouded Yellow, Colias alfacariensisServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
24.04.201535Adonis Blue, Lysandra bellargusServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
02.05.201536Sooty Copper, Lycaena tityrusSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
02.05.201537Provencal Short-tailed Blue, Everes alcetasSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
02.05.201538Silver-Studded Blue, Plebejus argusSan Nicolo', Trentino, Italy
05.05.201539Painted Lady, Vanessa carduiPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
08.05.201540Safflower Skipper, Pyrgus carthamiServis, Trentino, Italy
09.05.201541Camberwell Beauty, Nymphalis antiopaDietro-Beseno, Trentino, Italy
16.05.201542Green-underside Blue, Glaucopsyche alexisServis, Trentino, Italy
16.05.201543Black-veined White, Aporia crataegiServis, Trentino, Italy
17.05.201544Duke of Burgundy Fritillary, Hamearis lucinaPosina, Veneto, Italy
17.05.201545Chequered Skipper, Carterocephalus palemonPosina, Veneto, Italy
17.05.201546Meadow Brown, Maniola jurtinaVeneto, Italy
24.05.201547Northern Wall Brown, Lasiomata petropolitanaMalga Albi, Trentino, Italy
24.05.201548De Prunner's Ringlet, Erebia  triaria                           (NEW SPECIES FOR THIS SITE)Malga Albi, Trentino, Italy
24.05.201549Woodland Ringlet, Erebia medusaMalga Albi, Trentino, Italy
01.06.201550Silver-washed Fritillary, Argynnis paphiaSan Colombano, Rovereto, Italy
01.06.201551Marbled Fritillary, Brenthis daphneSan Colombano, Rovereto, Italy
05.06.201552Geranium Argus, Eumedonia eumedonMoietto, Trentino, Italy
05.06.201553Heath Fritillary, Mellicta athaliaMoietto, Trentino, Italy
05.06.201554Amanda's Blue, Agrodiaetus amandaMoietto, Trentino, Italy
11.06.201555Pearly Heath, Coenonympha arcaniaLa Guardia, Trentino, Italy
11.06.201556Large Skipper, Ochlodes venatusLa Guardia, Trentino, Italy
11.06.201557Poplar Admiral, Limenitis populi                            (NEW PHOTOS ON SPECIES PAGE)La Guardia, Trentino, Italy
11.06.201558Large White, Pieris BrassicaeLa Guardia, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201559Marbled White, Melanargia galatheaServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201560Large wall Brown, Lasiommata maeraServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201561Essex Skipper, Thymelicus lineolaServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201562Blue-spot Hairstreak, Satyrium spiniServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201563Ilex Hairstreak, Satyrium ilicisServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201564High Brown Fritillary, Argynnis adippeServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201565Twin-spot Fritillary, Brenthis hecateServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201566Clouded Apollo, Parnassius mnemosyneCimana, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
13.06.201567Mazarine Blue, Cyaniris semiargusCimana, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
22.06.201568Woodland Brown, Lopinga AchineGiazzera, Trentino, Italy
22.06.201569Dewy Ringlet, Erebia pandroseRifugio Lancia, Trentino, Italy
22.06.201570Alpine Heath, Coenonympha gardettaRifugio Lancia, Trentino, Italy
25.06.201571Arran Brown, Erebia ligea Val di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
25.06.201572Thor's Fritillary, Clossiana thoreVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
25.06.201573Almond-eyed Ringlet, Erebia alberganusVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
25.06.201574Lesser Mountain Ringlet, Erebia melampusVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
26.06.201575Apollo, Parnassius apolloVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
26.06.201576Purple-edged Copper, Lycaena hippothaeVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
26.06.201577Large Blue, Phengaris arionVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
26.06.201578Alpine Grayling, Oeneis glacialis                               (NEW SPECIES FOR THIS SITE)Val di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
27.06.201579Alpine Blue, Albulina orbitulus                                  (NEW SPECIES FOR THIS SITE)Val di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
27.06.201580Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Clossiana selene       (NEW PHOTOS ON SPECIES PAGE)Val di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
27.06.201581Scarce Copper, Lycaena virgaureaeVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
27.06.201582Mountain Fritillary, Boloria napaeaVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
27.06.201583Titania's Fritillary, Clossiana titaniaVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
04.07.201584Geranium Bronze, Cacyreus MarshalliPescara, Abruzzo, Italy
08.07.201585Spotted Fritillary, Melitaea didymaScurelle sul Tavo, Abruzzo, Italy
08.07.201586Eastern Bath White, Pontia EdusaScurelle sul Tavo, Abruzzo, Italy
08.07.201587Southern White Admiral, Limenitis reductaScurelle sul Tavo, Abruzzo, Italy
12.07.201588Dark Green Fritillary, Argynnis aglayaCimana, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
12.07.201589Great Sooty Satyr, Satyrus ferulaCimana, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
15.07.201590White Admiral, Limenitis camillaCimana, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
15.07.201591Woodland Grayling, Hipparchia fagiCimana, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
22.07.201592Purple Emperor, Apatura irisImer, Trentino, Italy
23.07.2015.93Scotch Argus, Erebia aethiopsImer, Trentino, Italy
30.07.201594Lang's Short-tailed Blue, Leptotes prithousCostacciaro, Umbria, Italy
30.07.201595Lesser Purple Emperor, Apatura ilia Costacciaro, Umbria, Italy
30.07.201596Knapweed Fritillary, Melitaea phoebeCostacciaro, Umbria, Italy
30.07.201597Gatekeeper, Pyronia tithonusCostacciaro, Umbria, Italy
30.07.201598Great Banded Grayling, Kanetisa circeCostacciaro, Umbria, Italy
30.07.201599Grayling, Hipparchia semeleCostacciaro, Umbria, Italy
30.07.2015100Chalk-hill Blue, Lysandra coridonCostacciaro, Umbria, Italy
06.08.2015101Marbled Ringlet, Erebia montanaPso Focolaccia, Minucciano, Tuscany
06.08.2015102Autumn Ringlet, Erebia neoridas                              (NEW SPECIES FOR THIS SITE)Pso Focolaccia, Minucciano, Tuscany
06.08.2015103Lulworth Skipper, Thymelicus acteon                       (NEW SPECIES FOR THIS SITE)Rif. Serenaia, Minucciano, Tuscany, It.
06.08.2015104Purple Hairstreak, Quercusia quercusGramolazzo, Tuscany, Italy
11.08.2015105Common Brassy Ringlet, Erebia CassioidesVal di Pejo, Trentino, Italy
11.08.2015106Mnestra's Ringlet, Erebia MnestraVal di Pejo, Trentino, Italy
11.08.2015107Water Ringlet, Erebia pronoeVal di Pejo, Trentino, Italy
11.08.2015108Silver-spotted Skipper, Hesperia commaVal di Pejo, Trentino, Italy
12.08.2015109Niobe Fritillary, Argynnis niobeVal di Rabbi, Trentino, Italy
18.08.2015110Dryad, Minois dryasServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy
18.08.2015111Tree Grayling, Neohipparchia statilinusServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy

For a similar month-by-month list of sightings of butterflies in Switzerland, please click on this link to Guy Padfield's fantastic website. http://www.guypadfield.com/butterflyyear.html

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