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YEAR LIST 2017  (including indications of new species)

For commentaries and photos on my butterfly hunting excursions this year, please click on the following:  Excursion notes 2017
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2017SPECIESLOCATION Yellow, Colias CroceusTerracina, Lazio, Italy
14.02.172Red Admiral, Vanessa AtlantaPomarolo, Trentino, Italy Bath White, Pontia edusaPomarolo, Trentino, Italy White, Pieris napiPomarolo, Trentino, Italy Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis polychlorosPomarolo, Trentino, Italy, Polygonia c-albumPomarolo, Trentino, Italy, Aglais io (Nymphalis io)Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Blue,  Celestrina argiolusPomarolo, Trentino, Italy Brown, Lasiommata megeraNomi, Trentino, Italy, Gonepteryx rhamniNomi, Trentino, Italy butterfly, Libythea celtis               (New photos on species page)Nomi, Trentino, Italy
11.03.1712Small White, Pieris rapaePomarolo, Trentino, Italy. Hairstreak, Callophrys rubiSan Colombano, Rovereto, Trtn, Italy Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticaeSan Colombano, Rovereto, Trtn, Italy Grizzled SkipperMlga Pulzom, Pomarolo, Trentino, Ity Tip, Anthocharis cardaminesAvio, Trentino, Italy White, Leptidea sinapisAvio, Trentino, Italy Wood, Pararge aegeriaAvio, Trentino, Italy, Papilio machaonRovereto, Trentino, Italy
Cleopatra, Gonepteryx cleopatraRovigno, Croatia. of Burgundy Fritillary, Hamearis lucinaBuje, Croatia. Swallowtail, Iphiclides podaliriusRovereto, Trentino. Italy Skipper, Erynnis tagesSan Nicolo', Rovereto, Trentino, Italy Blue, Scolitantides orionSan Nicolo', Rovereto, Trentino, Italy Blue, Pseudophilotes batonSan Nicolo', Rovereto, Trentino, Italy of Burgundy Fritillary, Hamearis lucinaSan Nicolo', Rovereto, Trentino, Italy
13.04.1726Berger's Clouded Yellow, Clias alfacariensisSan Nicolo', Rovereto, Trentino, Italy Blue, Polyommatus icarusNomi, Trentino, Italy Argus, Aricia agestisLastebasse, Valdastico,Veneto, Italy Blue, Cupido minimusLastebasse, Valdastico,Veneto, Italy Skipper, Carterocephalus palaemonPedescala, Valdastico, Veneto, Italy of Spain Fritillary, Issoria lathoniaLastebasse, Valdastico, Veneto, Italy Heath, Coenonympha pamphilusPedescala, Valdastico, Veneto, Italy
22.04.17,33Short-tailed Blue, Cupido argiadesPedescala, Valdastico, Veneto, Italy's Fritillary,  Boloria diaColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy Fritillary, Melitaea phoebeColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy Fritillary, Boloria euphrosyneRovereto, Trentino, Italy Fritillary, Melitaea cinxiaServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Blue, Glaucopsyche alexisServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Blue, Polyommatus bellargusServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy's Blue, Polyommatus thersitesServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Fritillary, Melitaea didymaServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy White, Pieris brassicaeServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Lady, Vanessa carduiServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Blue, Plebejus argusServis, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Prunner's Ringlet, Erebia triariaLa Becca, Monte Bondone, TN, Italy

For a similar month-by-month list of sightings of butterflies in Switzerland, please click on this link to Guy Padfield's fantastic website. http://www.guypadfield.com/butterflyyear.html

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