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For a complete list of species and identified by me this year, click on:Year List 2018
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For previous Year Lists, please click on year:20172016201520142013
 Excursion Notes 2018
6th: First butterfly of the year spotted, not in Trentino, where it's still very cold even during the day, but in a village in Lazio - a Red Admiral - seen sunning itself on a balcony. This is a view of the village from a path where I did hope to see other butterflies around (photo). Their natural instincts were obviously much better developed than mine, in that, just 36 hours later, temperatures dropped drastically and the whole village was covered in 10cm of snow!
Back in the north of Italy in Trentino the weather continued to be cold for the rest of the month and I saw nothing flying on the few days when the sun warmed the air a bit. Photo of a frozen lake at about 1,100m asl.
1st-15th: Although statistics say otherwise, it seems to be colder this year than last year and the first half of the month brought fresh snow to the mountains and to within 100m of the valley bottom, where we live. I went out looking for butterflies a couple of times on sunnier days, but still nothing flying locally.
16th: Finally.... I spotted a couple of Small Tortoiseshells (Aglais urticae) sunning themselves at about 2pm today. Here is a photo of one of them.  
24th: Despite the weather forecast predicting snow and freezing temperatures, today was a lovely, warm, sunny day and really felt like spring (photo). A pleasant two-hour walk along the hill to the neighbouring village brought sightings of a total of 11 butterflies - 2 Brimstones, 5 small tortoiseshells and 4 Nettle Tree butterflies. (photo of the upperside - sorry about the careless intrusion of my shadow on the left wing) (photo of the underside of the same butterfly). This is the path along which the above-mentioned butterflies were spotted (photo)

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