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YEAR LIST 2018  (including indications of new species)

For commentaries and photos on my butterfly hunting excursions this year, click on the following: Excursion notes 2018
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For previous Excursion Notes (with photos), please click on:20172016201520142013

2018SPECIESLOCATION Admiral, Vanessa AtalantaSonnino, Lazio, Italy Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticaePomarolo, Trentino. Italy butterfly, Libythea celtisNomi, Trentino, Italy, Gonepteryx rhamniNomi, Trentino, Italy Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis ioPomarolo, Trentino, Italy, polygonia c-albumPomarolo, Trentino, Italy Lady, Vanessa carduiSonnino, Lazio, Italy Brown, Lassiommata megeraSonnino, Lazio, Italy, Gonepteryx cleopatraSonnino, Lazio, Italy Tip, Anthocharis cardominesSonnino, Lazio, Italy Hairstreak, Callophrys rubiSonnino, Lazio, Italy White, Pieris napiPomarolo, Trentino, Italy Swallowtail, Iphiclides podalirius Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Blue, Celestrina argiolusPomarolo, Trentino, Italy White, Leptidea sinapisDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Skipper, Pyrgus malvaeDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Skipper,  Erynnis tagesDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Wood, Parage aegeriaDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Blue, Cupido minimusDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy
28.04.1820Mallow Skipper, Carcharodus alceaePomarolo, Trentino, Italy. White, Artogeia rapaeColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy Copper, Lycaena phlaeasColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy of Burgundy Fritillary, Hamearis lucinaColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy Blue, Polyommatus icarusColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy's Fritillary, Clossiana diaColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy Blue, Polyommatus bellargusColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy's Blue or Idas Blue Colli Berici, Vicenza, Italy, Papilio machaonColli Berici, Vicenza, Italy Short-tailed Blue, Cupido alcetasSan Colombano, Rovereto, Italy Blue, Scolitantides orionSan Colombano, Rovereto, Italy Heath, Coenonympha pamphilusSan Colombano, Rovereto, Italy Argus, Aricia agestisSan Colombano, Rovereto, Italy's Clouded Yellow, Colias alfacariensisSan Colombano, Rovereto, Italy Fritillary, Meltitaea didymaI laghetti, Rovereto, Italy Blue, Plebejus argusServis, Pomarolo, Italy White, Aporia crataegiServis, Pomarolo, Italy Fritillary, Melitaea cinxiaServis, Pomarolo, Italy Blue, Glaucopsyche alexisServis, Pomarolo, Italy of Spain Fritillary, Issoria lathonia Servis, Pomarolo, Italy
18.05.1840Chapman's Blue, Agrodiaetus thersitesServis, Pomarolo, Italy copper,  Lycaena tityrusServis, Pomarolo, Italy

For a similar month-by-month list of sightings of butterflies in Switzerland, please click on this link to Guy Padfield's fantastic website. http://www.guypadfield.com/butterflyyear.html

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