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YEAR LIST 2019  (including indications of new species)

For commentaries and photos on my butterfly hunting excursions this year, click on the following: Excursion notes 2019
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For previous Excursion Notes (with photos), please click on:201820172016201520142013

2019SPECIESLOCATION Admiral, Vanessa AtalantaChiusole, Trentino, Italy
09.02.192Wall Brown, Lasiommata megeraChiusole, Trentino, Italy
16.02.193Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticaeChiusole, Trentino, Italy, Nymphalis ioPomarolo, Trentino, Italy, Polygonia c-albumPomarolo, Trentino, Italy, Gonepteryx cleopatraSonnino, Lazio, Italy Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis polychlorosSonnino, Lazio, Italy Wood, Pararge aegeriaSonnino, Lazio, Italy White, Pieris napiServis, Trentino, Italy Hairstreak, Callophrys rubiServis, Trentino, Italy butterfly, Libythea celtisServis, Trentino, Italy, Gonepteryx rhamniServis, Trentino, Italy
15.03.1913Scarce Swallowtail, Iphiclides podaliriusDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy
15.03.1914Queen of Spain Fritillary, Issoria lathoniaDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy
15.03.1915Southern Small White, Artogeia manniiDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Tip Anthocharis cardaminesDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy, Papilio machaonAvio, Trentino, Italy Blue, Celastrina argiolusAvio, Trentino, Italy Skipper, Pyrgus malvaeNoarna, Trentino, Italy Skipper, Carcharodus alceaeNoarna, Trentino, Italy

For a similar month-by-month list of sightings of butterflies in Switzerland, please click on this link to Guy Padfield's fantastic website. http://www.guypadfield.com/butterflyyear.html

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