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 Excursion Notes 2024
1st - 4th:  Again a very mild start to the year in Trentino, north Italy, with night-time and day-time temperatures well above the average. On my short afternoon walk up my local hill, however, no sightings of any butterflies.
5th: The weather is changing. Some snow has arrived, although it turned to rain later in the day. Much colder, though.
8th: The only remaining snow around my village seems to be just on the tops of the mountains. However, night-time temperatures are now down below freezing and it's quite cold during the day. No sign of any butterflies.
25th: A couple of nights with little or no frost  and one or two days of warmer temperatures tempted me to abandon my cold-weather inside activities and get out for a walk in the sun (despite having a really bad back, due to lifting a wardrobe!) Sure enough, the sunshine has brought out the first butterflies of the season - three Red Admirals in different, but nearby locations. Here is the first (photo) with the location (photo) and here is the second (photo) and its location (photo, photo) Notice the dry terrain and the very little snow left on the mountain-tops!
Here is a view  looking across the valley (photo) from where I saw the third Red Admiral. I have no photo of the butterfly as it soared off as I approached. I am  also adding a photo of the Persimon tree (here)(bottom right, just next to the house) near to where I spotted the first butterfly of 2023 (see excursion notes 2023) - much earlier last year, but quite close to the three locations photographed this year.
5th: A beautiful sunny day, so I went for a walk with my wife to Monte Creino, just a 35-minute drive from where I live (photo of view) Altough there were still a few patches of snow in the shady areas left over from nearly a month ago, I was amazed at the ridiculously high temperature of 22° C - too hot to even wear a jacket walking!! Unsurprisingly there were a handful of butterflies about; a couple of Small Tortoiseshells, a Red Admiral (photo) in this very sheltered area between the trees (photo) and Large Tortoiseshell gliding around between these war trenches (photo) and the the cliff edge (photo) (unfortuneěately no photographs of the Small or Large Tortoiseshells were possible).
15th: Event!!! Last weekend it rained for two days - light gentle rain admittedly, but at least the parched earth got some much-needed moisture (and there was a bit of snow on the mountain tops. Today, four days later and following three days of warm sunny weather, I went for a short walk on the hill near my home and spotted 12 butterflies - 2 Red Admirals, 2 Commas (one here), a Small White (photo), a Green-veined White, I believe, 2 Small Toroiseshells (one here) and 4 Large Tortoiseshells (photo, photo). Apologies about the quality of the photos.
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