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YEAR LIST 2021  (including indications of new species)

For commentaries and photos on my butterfly-hunting excursions this year, click on the following:Excursion notes 2021
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2021SPECIESLOCATION Admiral, Vanessa atalantaNomi, Trentino, Italy Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis polychloros Chiusole, Trentino, Italy, Polygonia c-albumChiusole, Trentino, Italy, Gonepteryx rhamniPomarolo, Trentino, Italy Butterfly, Libythea celtis Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae Malga Pulzom, Pomarolo, Trentino, Italy, Aglais io (Nymphalis io)Chiusole, Trentino, Italy White, Pieris napiChiusole, Trentino, Italy Brown, Lasiommata megeraChiusole, Trentino, Italy Swallowtail, Iphiclides podalirius Chiusole, Trentino, Italy Copper. Lycaena  phlaeasChiusole, Trentino, Italy Tip, Anthocharis cardaminesChiusole, Trentino, Italy
13.03.2113Grizzled Skipper, Pyrgus malvaeDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Skipper, Carcharodus alceaeChiusole, Trentino, Italy White, Pieris rapaeChiusole, Trentino, Italy Blue, Celestrina argiolusChiusole, Trentino, Italy, Papilio machaonChiusole, Trentino, Italy of  Spain Fritillary,  Issoria lathonia Chiusole, Trentino, Italy Bath White, Pontia edusaChiusole, Trentino, Italy White, Leptidea sinapisChiusole, Trentino, Italy
21.03.2121Speckled Wood, Pararge aegeriaChiusole, Trentino, Italy Blue, Cupido argiadesPomarolo, Trentino, Italy
26.03.2123Clouded Yellow, Colias croceaPomarolo, Trentino, Italy Argus, Aricia agestisChiusole, Trentino, Italy Heath, Coenonympha pamphilusChiusole, Trentino, Italy's Clouded yellow, Colias alfacariensisChiusole, Trentino, Italy Blue, Scolitantides orionChiusole, Trentino, Italy Hairstreak, Callophrys rubiDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Bordered Fritillary, Clossiana euphrosyneDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Skipper, Erynnis tagesDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy Copper, Lycaena tityrusDietro Beseno, Trentino, Italy

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